Join ARC2

A Successful Team is a Group of Many Hands and One Mind.

To become a member in Arc2:

Membership in ARCSquared is free and is open to anyone who is interested in assisting the Region with communications in time of emergency or disaster.

As a volunteer organization, we welcome all, whether or not you currently possess an amateur radio "Ticket" or license.
If not, we will assist you in obtaining your ticket, and give you hands on experience with our equipment.

To start, please email your name, whether you have an amateur radio license, and why you would like to join.

To become a member in American Red Cross:

Joining The American Red Cross as an official Disaster Cycle Services volunteer is optional but is highly recommended.

Volunteering with The American Red Cross makes you part of the tens of thousands of individuals who willingly donate time to alleviate human suffering cause by disasters.

Joining ie easy. Just go to the American Red Cross website, insert your zip code, click on your region under the heading “Apply Now with Your Local Red Cross”. They will allow you to fill out an application and establish a profile through their Volunteer Connection web portal. Attend an orientation, get trained, and get involved!

If you have problems joining, email, and we will assist.