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This page has links to the full manual set for the GE MVS radios in Red Cross Vehicles.

manuals/lbi-31924 uhf systemf.pdf

manuals/lbi-31932 UHF maintenance manual.pdf

manuals/lbi-31932e older uhf maintenance manual.pdf

manuals/lbi-31934 UHF power amplifier.pdf

manuals/lbi-31939e edacs.pdf

manuals/lbi-38258UHF RF BOARD.pdf

manuals/lbi-38292UHF service section.pdf

manuals/lbi-38635 desktop station.pdf

manuals/MVS 136-174 mz Maintenance Manual.pdf

manuals/MVS 136-174 mz power amplifier Manual.pdf

manuals/MVS 136-174 mz rf board Maintenance Manual.pdf

manuals/MVS audio board Maintenance Manual.pdf

manuals/MVS Front Cap Maintenance Manual.pdf

manuals/MVS Highband combinations Maintenance Manual.pdf

manuals/MVS Logic Board Maintenance Manual.pdf



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