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Free Tech Licensing Class
ARC2's General class
Ge Mvs manuals

ARC2 Tri-fold Brochure

Arc2 Email

Notification system


General Class Information

Get your Ham License!        


Programmed Frequencies:
bulletMotorola sp50 freq.
bullet Ge MVS radio frequencies card

Online References

bulletArrl Web Site- Ham radio's national organization
bullet Our Chapter's Web Site
bulletAres Web Site Emergency Services not slick, but great information

Links to other ARC chapter Ham Radio web sites

bulletRochester Mn ARC site
bulletJackson Ms ARC
bulletWEARC West Essex Amateur Radio Club  - See Wearc letter of understanding

GE MVS Links:

bullet Instructions for using GE MVS programing software
bulletUsing MVS radios for APRS beacons and other stuff




Manuals and PDFs

bulletGe MVS VHF operators manual
bulletYaesu Vxr6 manual-
bulletVxrR6 quick  reference card.
bulletAnother VXR6  Quick Reference card
bulletIcom T-90A manual
bulletAll Ge Mvs manuals
bulletHF Band Charts

Licensing:  Links to Amateur Radio tests, study materials  and questions: tests
bulletOur tech class crash course
bullet General Class manual
bulletGeneral Class study sheet
bulletTech Class study Sheet

aa9pw.cAA9pw exams




General Arc2 materials

bulletMembers  NOTE: this file is protected with the code for the radio room door
bulletNovember 8 Handout
bullet SOP 1 draft
bulletFrom Harold
bulletSOP handout (word format)
bulletLetter re communication in Doc
bulletGeneral Procedures:
bulletDescription of Milwaukee ARC when Harold was there
bulletWEARC letter of understanding
bullet Club Station License (thanks to AE7Q)









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