Antennas for Go kits

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Antennas for Go kits

Antennas for Go kits

One of our members, Jeremy Beattie, KC2VBS is a member of St. John the Evangelist Boy Scout Troop 139 in Bergenfield.  For his Eagle Scout project, he has coordinated the manufacturing of several different types of "J Pole" antennas for use in disaster response.  Among the types are rigid antennas for fixed location use, and some rigid, screw-together and soft "Twinlead" J pole antennas that are designed to be stored with the Radio GO-Kits, and assembled in the field.

As part of the project, these antennas were tested at Red Cross locations both for simplex and repeater operation.  These testing data were collected and tabulated for Red Cross use in designing a disaster response.

Here are pictures of the testing:



Radio Test Kit

An antenna, and equipment to test it.

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