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Ham Radio is a necessary component of the Red Cross response to a national disaster, terrorist attack, or catastrophic accident.  We call that a "DR" or National Disaster Response.

During hurricane Katrina, Ham Radio was necessary for communication in the hurricane ravaged  areas, and Hams were deployed to handle traffic between Shelters and HQ, facilitating feeding people in need.

In addition to providing communications for the chapter, we will train you to handle these national disasters for the Red Cross.  Should you choose to deploy,  we will give you the skills so that you will be ready to take a leadership role when needed most, in times when you can make a difference in thousands of other's lives and well being.  Below are two different perspectives on the most significant deployments of this century:

bullet One person's persons; account of his deployment during Hurricane Katrina HTML
bullet One person's persons; account of his deployment during Hurricane Katrina PDF
bullet The untold story of the Katrina response WMV

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